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Recapitulation: three dreams that have come true


Vytvořeno: 02.01.2011
Autor: ACET

Let us just make a short summary.

It was September 2009, when we returned home from our third trip to Uganda. We visited 23 children supported by Czech donors  Meanwile, the number of supported kids more then doubled. Currently we are having 55 kids and it is a number, that we have not even dreamt about at the very beginning of our idea to help Ugandad orphans two years ago.

Then another idea came to our mind: why not to transform gigabites of authentic material and experiences into a book? The only issue was time and money. We both found: in December 2009 we met our first donor, that promised to contribute the book, in July 2010 we signed a contract with the publishing house and one month prior the Christmas 2010 a book was born. Another dream became a reality.

As the project Light for Uganda has been developing, we realized that another monitoring trip would have to be made. Last visit, data, stories and photographs gathering was so beneficial, that we always have been totally committed to continue in such effort. Moreover – couple more people around us got excited about Uganda too. We have been dreaming another dream: when to visit Uganda again? What a terrific fact – even this dream is about be true.  We are leaving in the middle of first week of 2011 and our team have got one more member. We are sure, that both our work and results will get even much better quality.

It is a habit to assess last year, ifn a new one comes. We usually balance, plan and expect. We are full of desires for beter tomorrows. If you watched first TV news at Czech TV in 2011, you got learnt lots of negative and sad news, that happened in New Year’s Eve – how many people died, got injured, got burnt, had to be taken to catch for drunkards...

It is a privilage to bring rather good and encouraging news when assessing the project Light for Uganda. These news are about dreams that became true. And hopefully, we will continue in such a trend in 2011 and share them in this blog.

From Chrudim and Plzen (Czech Republic)

František, Jirka a Monika

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